Civiele technieken deBoer bv is realizing very challenging projects in heavy lifting and transport techniques.
Our company is active and innovative for over 30 years in the international world of jacking, skidding and pressing. Still, we have to answer a demand that goes heavier, taller, bigger, further etcetera: The limits are searched for, as the technique develops.
It is our goal to walk in front at all times considering techniques and methods. From a social point of view, we think it’s our responsibility to put our knowledge in favor of a realization of your project with less nuisances, resources and costs.
Some of our specialties are:
support constructions
gear renting

Nieuwegein, skidding the bridge of Juthpase and placing a temporary bridge
Gear renting
Rotterdam, Temporary hydraulic bracing system Red Apple
Belgium, Halle. Launching box girder bridge
Coulsdon (London), tunnel under Smitham Station
Heerhugowaard, pressing tunnel section through open trench
Leeuwarden, skidding 5 bridges and tunnels
France, Le Chesnay (Paris) Skidding a tunnel
Nootdorp, skidding tunnel under A12 highway
Sliedrecht, underpass Baanhoek
France, Gourdon, skidding tunnel
France, Laval, skidding portal
France, Sevrés, skidding abutment
Belgium, lowering four decks highway junction Lummen
Meuse bridge Roermond