Civiele technieken deBoer bv is realizing very challenging projects in heavy lifting and transport techniques.
Our company is active and innovative for over 30 years in the international world of jacking, skidding and pressing. Still, we have to answer a demand that goes heavier, taller, bigger, further etcetera: The limits are searched for, as the technique develops.
It is our goal to walk in front at all times considering techniques and methods. From a social point of view, we think it’s our responsibility to put our knowledge in favor of a realization of your project with less nuisances, resources and costs.

Nieuwegein, skidding the bridge of Juthpase and placing a temporary bridge

In the weekend of the 16th – 19th of May 2014. In this phase the bridge of Jutphase was skidded about 15 meters to be renovated. The bridge had a total span of 140 meters and weighed over 1400 tons. When the original bridge was moved, a temporary bridge was placed so traffic could still cross the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal.

Rotterdam, self-lifting building shed erecting 120 m high EMC tower

In order to build the new 120 meter high Erasmus Medical Center safe and in closed conditions, CT deBoer designed a self-lifting building shed. This shed was equiped with two 40-tons overhead cranes and a storage and lunch area. Hydraulic jacks to lift the entire shed another floor are attached at 4 positions…