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Sliedrecht, underpass Baanhoek

General information

In the weekend closure of 19 and March 20 2011, CT deBoer bv  skiddid the roadway underpass Baanhoek in Sliedrecht. The 62 meter long bridge deck, where a single railway track runs over, was made 12 meters next to its final position. The formwork supporting girder were also provided by CT deBoer. In a first weekend closure the abutments and foundation slabs were made. After hardening of the concrete the railway deck was then inserted in a weekend, using 6 skidding beams.

Involved parties

Client: ProRail

General contractor: Ballast Nedam Infra Zuid West

Numbers/ technique used:

– Railway deck mass: 2100 ton

– Skidding distance: 12 meter


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