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Nieuwegein, skidding the bridge of Juthpase and placing a temporary bridge

General information:

Civiele technieken deBoer bv finished phase 3 of the big KARGO project in the weekend of the 16th – 19th of May 2014. In this phase the bridge of Jutphase was skidded about 15 meters to be renovated. The bridge had a total span of 140 meters and weighed over 1400 tons. When the original bridge was moved, a temporary bridge was placed so traffic could still cross the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal.
The original bridge will be skidded back to its first position after renovation. It will be positioned 50 centimeters higher than in the original case in order for larger ships can sail through.

Involved parties:

Client: Rijkswaterstaat

General contractor : KWS-Mercon

Delivering temporary bridge: Rijnstaal Alphen bv

Design: Civiele Technieken deBoer bv, Movares & DeBoerDC


Numbers/technique used:

Mass of the bridge of Jutphase: 1400 tons

Skidding distance: 15,25 meter

Mass of the temporary bridge: 1200 tons

Jacking height: 1,2m


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