CT deBoer and KWS-infra Renovate Galecopper-Bridge

Dutch Ministry of Infrastructure and the Environment has commissioned the renovation of the Galecopperbrug (A12). The refurbishment extends the lifespan of the bridge in Utrecht on the Amsterdam-Rhine canal with 30 years.
The Galecopper-bridge is dealing with cardek fatigue. Main reasons for this is the big growth in traffic and heavier trucks than expected during its construction in the 70s. The Galecopper-bridge will also be raised a few centimeters so that it is suitable for ships with four layers of containers.
The contract was awarded for an amount of around 80 million euros. In total, the work takes two and a half years to complete. For the summer holidays started restoration at the bottom of the bridge. In 2014 and 2015 the main work will be done on the car deck on top of the bridge. Automobilists must take traffic congestion into account.
The project will be done by a combination of multiple companies, called “combinatie Galecom”. CT deBoer works together with Mercon, Hollandia en KWS Infra. see News article.