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Meuse bridge Roermond

General information

In order to replace the bearings of the Meuse bridge in Roermond, CT deBoer was commissioned to design and deliver an accessibility platform. We designed a overhead crane which could run ocross the Mease bridge, while a platform hangs below the bridge deck. Both overhead cranes where used to lift materials down. From the platform, all 72 rubber bearings could be replaced without holding back any traffic.

Involved parties

Client: Rijkswaterstaat Ministerie van Infrastructuur en Milieu

General contractor: Combinatie Bouwbedrijf Salverda BV / Mourik Groot Ammers BV

Delivering steel structure: Rijnstaal Alphen bv

Design: Civiele Technieken deBoer bv

Numbers/ technique used

– Mass steel portal above deck: 17.5 tons

– Mass platform below deck: 11 tons

– Dimensions platform: 3.1 to 25.5 m.

– Span overhead crane: 21 m.


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