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Rotterdam, self-lifting building shed erecting 120 m high EMC tower

General information

In order to build the new 120 meter high Erasmus Medical Center safe and in closed conditions, CT deBoer designed a self-lifting building shed. This shed was equiped with two 40-tons overhead cranes and a storage and lunch area. Hydraulic jacks to lift the entire shed another floor are attached at 4 positions. The planning was done in such a way, that every 5th working day the shed would be lifted one hole floor up. This would go in the following way:
The schedule shows that:
– at STEP 1 the building shed is resting on the red truss,
– at STEP 2 the floor is erected (in pink),
– at STEP 3 a second truss is placed in the just-erected-floor (green),
– The building shed is then lifted one floor height in strokes of 25 cm.
– STEP 1 is repeated, but now the building shed is resting on the green truss.
– at STEP 2 another floor is erected (in light green).

 Involved parties:

Client: Erasmus MC

General contractor : BC Erasmus MC (BAM – Ballast Nedam)

Delivering self-lifting building shed: Rijnstaal Alphen bv

Design: Civiele Technieken deBoer bv, Movares & DeBoerDC


 Numbers/technique used:


– Self-lifting building shed (dimensions: 60m x 25m x 11m high) with 4 ‘jack legs’.

– Self weight: 430 tons

– Cranes: 2 x 40 tons overhead cranes


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