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France, Le Chesnay (Paris) Skidding a tunnel

General information

In order to create a better accessibility of the town of Le Chesnay, west of Paris, it was decided to create a new tunnel under the Route de Saint-Germain. This main road, which gives access to the freeway, was closed for all traffic for one weekend (52 hours). During the weekend closure, the tunnel was skidded into position, and traffic could be resumed.

Involved parties

Client: Parly II (beheerder nabijgelegen winkelcentrum)

General contractor: Eiffage Travaux Publics

Engineering: Egis

Partner contrator: Scales

Numbers/ technique used:

– A tunnel underneaththe Route de Saint-Germain (length /width: 38 x 15,5 meters) skidded over a distance of 40 meters.

– Tunnel mass: 1750 tons.

– The tunnel is lifted with 24 hydraulic jacks and skidded by using 2 skidding beams.


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