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Delft, Windmill the Rose

General information

In order to create sufficient working space for the first railway tunnel in Delft, CT deBoer bv lifted the monumental windmill ‘the Rose’ over a distance of about 1 meter. A thick concrete floor was poured under the mill to serve as a ‘pick-up point’. The mill structure was then lifted by jacking from 45 previously inserted piles. The entire structure was jacked with a computer system with a deviation tolerance of 1 mm. During the process the structure was kept stable using three external guiding piles. In December 2012, the shell of the tunnel was completed and the mill was put down on the roof of the tunnel.

 Involved parties:

Client: ProRail

General Contractor: Crommelijn

Numbers/technique used


– Mass Mill structure: 1100 tons

– Jacking height: 1 meter



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