Welcome to the website of Civiele technieken deBoer bv
Besides developing, building and managing civil engineering projects in the Netherlands, Civiele technieken deBoer’s specialised skills – such as jacking, skidding and pressing structures – are also very much in demand on the global market.
Civiele technieken deBoer bv is a contracting firm with operations in the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Germany, Denmark, Suriname and the UK.

Nieuwegein, skidding the bridge of Juthpase and placing a temporary bridge

In the weekend of the 16th – 19th of May 2014. In this phase the bridge of Jutphase was skidded about 15 meters to be renovated. The bridge had a total span of 140 meters and weighed over 1400 tons. When the original bridge was moved, a temporary bridge was placed so traffic could still cross the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal.

Rotterdam, self-lifting building shed erecting 120 m high EMC tower

In order to build the new 120 meter high Erasmus Medical Center safe and in closed conditions, CT deBoer designed a self-lifting building shed. This shed was equiped with two 40-tons overhead cranes and a storage and lunch area. Hydraulic jacks to lift the entire shed another floor are attached at 4 positions…